Wholesale Distribution

As a wholesale distributor, are you ready for the global competition and stay ahead of the pack?

Vontis for Wholesalers and Distributors

Wholesale and distribution businesses face the same increasingly challenging operational environment in order to keep track of a large, frequently-updating data as well as accurate planning that will keep the business running on schedule without increased costs. With the right implementation of modern business management system, such as Vontis, now you can rapidly enjoy the benefits of fully integrated operations, high data visibility, accurate inventory management and faster movement of products.

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Affordable Implementation

Instead of spending a large capital expenditure, Vontis’ SaaS solution enable businesses to pay on a much more affordable subscription basis while the cloud-based approach means you don’t need to invest on IT infrastructure and resources.

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Superior supply chain

Distributors interact with a greater amount of data and shipments while covering a larger geographic network. Optimize your supply chain with Vontis so you can improve on-time deliveries and demand forecasting.

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Operational cost reduction

Lost inventory and excess administration cost distributors billions each year. Through accurate inventory and integrated automation, Vontis reduces the time needed to complete processes while eliminating errors in the process.

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Better decision making

Eliminate delays in decision-making due to a lack of timely information. Empower your team to make instant adjustments and better decisions through real-time visibility into information and more accurate data.

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Enhanced collaboration

Vontis unites IT, operations, logistics and customer services. Share data across many locations and ensure demand is fulfilled, shipments are delivered on time, and routes are optimized to ensure better service.

Important Product Functionality for Distributors

Inventory Management
Approval Flow
Stocktaking & Stock Distribution
Multi Warehouse
Purchase & Sales Order Management
Goods Receive & Goods Issue
Multilevel Storage Location
Mobile Access
Delivery & Shipment Management
Barcode Printing & Scanning
Document Printouts
Invoice Management

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